Intercultural Cooperation

2005 - 2012

Swiss students and teachers from the Faculty of Education, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, School of Teacher Education (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW PH) visited Zenica and Sezam ten times. These visits were a result of a Sezam visit to Switzerland during which we established contact with Professor Brigitte Heckendorn. The objectives of the visit:

  • Exploring the educational process and educational system in B&H
  • Intercultural exchange with the introduction of Bosnian culture and way of life
  • Presentation of the history and customs of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.,

Students stayed in Zenica families and visited  primary school  classes in the schools "Edhem Mulabdić", Catholic School Center "St. Pavao" and "Musa Ćazim Ćatić". The Faculty of Education in Zenica organized a meeting with students from the Department of the German language in order to exchange experiences on the educational system, the Bologna process and the content of certain classes.
During a tour of  Zenica,  the students had the opportunity to visit local cultural and religious sites such as Kočevska mosque, Serbian Orthodox church, synagogues, Catholic churches, stadium Bilino polje, the old market and Kamberovića fields.

1999 - 2012

Twelve visits from Italy were realised in cooperation with Fiorenzuola Oltre and Confini (FOIC). The visits were led by the President of the organization FOIC Luigi Danesi, a great friend of Zenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. FOIC volunteers were introduced to the ongoing projects in the Sezam and the complexities of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Everytime they expressed support and understanding of our work and offered to help in the form of specific grants including school supplies and stationery.

1999 - 2010

Eleven Summer schools were realized for creative learning of English language, in collaboration with the University, “William and Mary” in Virginia, USA. All summer schools were implemented in cooperation with primary schools in Zenica for a period of one month during the summer holidays. American students taught the children through innovative methods of play, movement, role-playing and drawing with different themes and content.
Objectives of the project:

  • Learning English
  • Development of intercultural cooperation
  • Teamwork and recognition of individuals and
  • Constructive structuring of free time during the summer holidays..