Statements of workshop participants

Teachers from Tešanjka with 30 years work experience said: "Connecting with colleagues from the other schools is important. To us the School of Blatnice (another Entity, Republic of Srpska) was very far away because of the last war, but now we have connected. It would be beneficial to the children to socialize and connect like this".

Principal of a primary school in Teslić: "The school is in a multiethnic environment, because of the return of Bosniaks. Our goal is to maintain and improve relationships with the teammates, and to extend this to the wider community. I hope that the workshops for children and teachers will contribute to this goal".

Teacher from Usora: "I came to the seminar out of curiosity and now it's different. Now I use what I learned at the workshop during the hour of the class meetings.Students cannot wait for the workshops. Previously they were just waiting to escape from these classes, and now they're thrilled'.

"The workshop experiences have enriched me in communication with children. I changed a lot, have greater confidence, closer contact, I can see where I made mistakes." (school teacher in Čečava)

Religious studies teacher from the Republic of Srpska: "When organizing the graduation dinner I tried to use non-violent communication with four students who have problems because they drink alcohol. I expressed my confidence to them that it would be a fun prom without alcohol."

"IIt is positive that colleagues from these workshops have affects on other colleagues. This in turn enhances understanding and respect in relationships. When considering the whole group, I think that the workshops support some people in finding their peace and the security to behave differently.'' (the youngest participant from Teslić)

Pedagogue from one school wrote: "I’ve been to many seminars and when somebody mentions the word ‘seminars’ I feel aversion to them. It gives me the creeps, because I think that we will just hear preaching ... until  Sezam appeared. Here we actively participate, learn from each other. It's interesting and useful. We learn something in an interesting and easy way, that we will remember for a long time."

Teacher from Matuzići: "Now I react less violently. First I listen to the other side and have a cool approach to solving the problem. I cope with my anger and rage easily."